Our Services

We are committed to providing truly bespoke portfolio management, along with exceptional client service. Working alongside your other advisors, we will tailor an investment management solution to help you achieve your goals.

Where required, we can introduce you to a panel of professionals with whom we have long-standing relationships, covering Accountancy, Banking, Independent Financial Advice, Land Agency, Legal and Valuation and Antiques.

Individuals, family trusts, pensions and charitable foundations

Individual charities

Clients who wish to manage their own investments but who require an investment manager to execute trades for them

Please email or telephone us for the relevant SOFAC (schedule of fees and charges).

Our Approach

We will ask you lots of questions about your financial position and family circumstances. It is of paramount importance that we spend the time to understand what you are seeking to achieve and what resources you have available.

We also need to understand your attitude and approach to risk, and we will consider this together with your aims and objectives, and use our experience to develop a strategy to help meet those goals.

It may be to produce income or capital growth, or a little of both, and we can choose to blend defensive or growth investments as necessary.

We would then draw up a core asset allocation which diversifies your investments across different types of asset, geographic region and industrial sector.  We are happy to take account of any investment restrictions that you may have and will avoid making any direct investments into those areas.

Our investment strategy is based upon our process of FEA (fixed interest, equities and alternatives) linked to your appetite for risk and applying a top down asset allocation with a bottom up stock and fund selection, our start point being global macro-economics.

Raymond James has significant in-house research capability and we have access to numerous external sources of information, research and market commentary. 

We also sit on an Investment Committee with other Raymond James Investment Managers, who meet quarterly. All of this combines to guide our selections of individual holdings for your portfolios.

As an independent practice of Raymond James, we do not pigeonhole individuals based upon their risk profile.  Whilst we have access to centralised research and model investment portfolios we treat individual portfolios on a case by case basis and apply an appropriate strategy to the individual.

There will be some commonality between our clients’ portfolios since we have a clearly defined process, but to us, each client is unique, and their portfolio should reflect this.  As a result each wealth manager will only ever be responsible for a finite number of clients, because there are only so many hours in the day and each portfolio and client relationship deserves our time.